Customer Showcase:

Our fabric covered buttons can be used in a variety of ways.

Lynn in Columbia, South Carolina makes retractable badges for medical staff.

You can visit her creations at her Facebook page or at her website,

Lynn is using our Size 60 fabric covered buttons.

fabric-button-retractable-badges-1 fabric-button-retractable-badges-2 fabric-button-retractable-badges-3

How To Cut Buttons Faster With the Rotary Circle Cutter

A couple weeks ago, Jack sent us a review of the button maker after having it only a week. Today, he sent us some feedback on how he speeds up the process of cutting out graphics with the Rotary Circle Cutter.

When I make a quantity of 2.25” buttons, I use a different Cutting Mat for the Circle Cutter, (different from the one we showed on your blog).

Cutting Circles Fast with Rotary Circle Cutter

I have an 11” by 17” cutting mat purchased from the craft store for less than $8. I can cut an entire sheet of button artwork without moving the sheet around.

Also, it is easy to cut three sheets at once. If nine images are on each sheet, then I can cut 27 images without moving the sheet on the mat. This is a dramatic speedup processing the button-ready artwork.

Eventually, the mat will become scored. I have produced hundreds of button artwork using this mat and it is still in good condition. I consider it low cost and eventually expendable.

Jack Fisher
Roswell, New Mexico

Jack Fisher

Customer Showcase: Jitt Wolf Productions

Jitt Wolf Productions

We use the sales from the buttons to put toward equipment and helping artists around the world.
Similar to paid internships, we help everyone get experience in the industry. Our studio primarily does animation and we do comics and live action as well.
The button makers from Button Biz are true industrial quality and we often bring from dozens to a few hundred to events. I highly recommend them for any level of artist who wants to make a wonderful lasting impression.
John” Jane” Harris
Founder and Lead Animator of Jitt Wolf Productions.
Web Manager of Freeks & Geaks
John "Jane" Harris

Starting your own Button Making Business: With Etsy!

Etsy Logo

The term “Etsy” is a trademark of Etsy, Inc. is not affiliated with Etsy, Inc.

Starting your own button business has never been easier, with Etsy.
Now that you have your button making machine, why not start selling your creations online?! You can easily create your own business! There are a few different online sites that will allow you to sell items such as Ebay, Shopify, DaWanda, and finally Etsy.

I’ve had success with Etsy – I recommend you give it a try. Now is the best time to open up your store because you can get 40 listings free (regularly listings are $0.20 each and last for 4 months). Sign up using my link, HERE.

I’ve chosen Etsy to focus on because it is a social and community based eCommerce site. You will find tons of opportunities to interact with other users, promote your goods, and most importantly, communicate with your customer. Conversations or ‘Convos,’ are the easiest way for buyers to ask sellers questions or request custom items. We’ll go deeper into this later-for now let’s stick to the basics of opening your Etsy shop.

Quick information about the fees associated with selling on Etsy; most sites will charge you something or a percentage. When you list an item it costs $0.20, and when you sell an item Etsy will charge you an additional fee of 3.5% of the item cost. Etsy now has direct deposit, to make things easier. You can setup a chequing/savings account to your Etsy account and any profits you make will be directly deposited, they do charge a fee for this service as well. If you prefer you can still use PayPal to receive funds.

Naming your shop on EtsyStep 1: Pick a shop name!
Come up with a shop name that you love, is easy to spell and remember, and a name you can grow with. You may start doing buttons but add more products in future. Think hard!

Etsy Screenshot: Listing an Item

Be unique, use short as well as specific keywords to help your products be found!

Step 2: List an item!
You can now list your first item, if you need to change this later, you can. Start by telling Etsy what category your button belongs in, what it relates to, and when it was made. You will then want to add in your pricing. Setting shipping rates for different countries is easy

and any variations available. This is a newer feature to Etsy, you can now have multiple items

with different pricing under listings, for example, I have put pinback buttons and keychains. You can then go on to add other variations like colour, sizes, and create your own. Add a title for your listing.

Think of titles a searching tool for search engines and Etsy- you’ll want to add in extra info so it can be found easily. Most importantly, add in your photograph of your product; include a coin/ruler to show the size. Don’t forget to fill out the description with information about your Etsy Screenshot: Setting Shipping Chargesbutton, the size and maybe even a little about your process. Make sure to use all 13 keywords to have your buttons found on Etsy. Think outside the box, be creative! Finally, add the quantity available for the users to buy, and the shipping information.

Step 3:  Getting Paid!
Etsy has different payment methods you can use. You will need to fill out some banking information for Etsy to be able to direct deposit right into your chequing/debit account. You can use Direct Deposit. Make sure to check with your bank, if there would be any extra fees associated with this. Or you can click the ‘Other Payment Options’ button and the choices are Paypal, Money Order, Personal Cheque, Other. Whatever methods you choose always make sure you’ve received the payment prior to shipping an order.

Step 4: Billing!
As discussed earlier Etsy will charge you listings fees and transaction fees so you’ll need a credit card in order to pay for them.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with Etsy’s Terms of Use; as they have specific rules about what you can sell and other important information you should know.

Step 5: Tell your buyers about yourself!
open1x8If you look in the top right hand corner you’ll see ‘Shop Settings,’ click on that and it will take you to a page that shows your public profile. In that space you can tell your buyers a little about yourself. The ‘Info & Appearance’ tab is where you can upload a shop banner, link Twitter & Facebook, create a welcome message for customers and include a thank you message to your buyers!
Next is the Shop Policies, this is the spot to be detailed and inform your customers about key things:

  •     Payment Policies – Custom orders could require a deposit, or you only ship items when you’ve received the payment.
  • Shipping – If you only ship on Fridays, or you ship every day, let them know! Also, you could let them know how you are shipping their goods with USPs or Canada Post.
  •     Refunds & Exchanges –How you will handle refunds or exchanges. Does the customer pay the return shipping to exchange an item? Or perhaps refunds will only be given if items are damaged/defective.

You’ve also got a spot at the bottom to put any additional information, like contact info.
Finally you have Shop Sections, this allows you to divide up your store however you like. You can sort your products by theme, size or just keep custom options separate.

Step 6: Open your store!
Go ahead and make your store live! Be patient it takes time to get lots of sales and views to your store.

Next post I’ll focus on using Etsy’s social tools to get you noticed, more traffic and learn more about all Etsy has to offer you.
Any questions, need a bit of help, feel free to Convo me on Etsy! @BayleafButtons

Re-Upholstered Antique Armchairs

We received a kind note and some photos from a customer. This customer purchased the Size 30 – Loop Back Buttons to use for a reupholstery project.

I am very satisfied with the buttons I bought on your website. I will definitely continue shopping on your website. I have attached few pictures of the first of four identical antique armchairs I inherited when my grand father passed away. I will slowly re-upholsterer all of them.

Andrea B.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Reupholstered Antique Armchair - Tufted Buttons Reupholstered Antique Armchair - Tufted Buttons - Closeup

Customer Review After One Week with a Button Maker

Button Maker Review

We received some great feedback from a customer that has only been using a button maker for a week. Our customer's name is Jack Fisher and he is 80 years old. If you are 8 or 80, you can use a button maker. Here's some feedback from an 80 year … [Continue reading]