Your product and service is OUTSTANDING!

Today, we received this kind note from Ron.

Your product and service is OUTSTANDING! I was surprised at how quickly my order arrived and was very impressed with the quality of the button parts you provided – not to mention the great price. The quality is much better than Badge-a-Minit’s own parts. You’ll be my source for parts from now on. GREAT JOB & THANK YOU!

Selling On Etsy-Getting involved in the Online Community

Now that you have your Etsy Store all setup from our last post and your 40 free listings, hopefully you’ve had a chance to add some items! Here are some ways you can utilize the tools that Etsy has to promote your stuff.

Etsy has a great sense of Community for an online selling market—no seriously, they are social beings who like to sell and buy things. With that, Etsy has some unique tools for promoting your items while socializing.

Left side is the follow button you can click on to follow others!

On the left side is the follow button you can click on to follow others!

Let’s get social! Etsy has followers system similar to twitter—you can follow users you like, or find the same things interesting. To add them to your followers list simply go to their main profile and click ‘follow’. By doing this you will see content they are adding to their favourites such as items and treasuries.
Why is this important? - Think of it like a chain reaction. Someone favourites one of your items and everyone who is following them will see this. As a result, some others may also favourite the item, and by the chain reaction you can gain more ‘hearts,’ which increases visibility and popularity.



Meet your activity feed, you can see what others have fav'd and who is following you

Meet your activity feed, you can see what you and others have fav’d and who is following you

Another great way to promote your items on Etsy is a Treasury. Basically, a treasury is a collection of 16 items from Etsy sellers, which someone has curated into an appealing collection using a theme, colour or subject matter. The treasuries can then be viewed by other users who are browsing, and if you are lucky it will be ‘handpicked’ by an admin of Etsy to be featured on the home page! Buyers and Sellers alike can favourite or ‘heart’ the treasury just like they would with an item—as explained earlier, both users follows will see the heart in their activity feeds. Don’t forget to title your treasury with something interesting, add a description, and use up those keywords! On the main treasury page you will see what keywords are trending currently on Etsy, useful for your own treasury, or to inspire keyword ideas.

Image of the favourite button on Etsy

Click the heart to find your favourites!

Let’s talk more in depth about those favourites or ‘hearts’. Etsy has two favourite systems made up, one is the Shop Favourite. This allows a user to ‘heart’ your store and they will be shown as Admirer on your shop home page. Also they will be able to see in their activity feed when you post new items. Handy since they adore your shop! Next is the Favourite system, it is setup so that you can create a collection of items using whatever sorting method you like. It is similar to Treasuries but less restrictive; you can add as many items as you like and make it an ongoing process.
Why is this important? – The shop favourites are good for bragging rights and those people who just love your items; you definitely want them to be able to see when you post something new. The favourite collections aren’t critical to selling your goods, but it is fun to make collections and keep tabs on items you may want to purchase for yourself. As a side note, some people who follow users tend to like those who have interesting favourite collections!

Finally, the last thing I’d like to mention is the Teams on Etsy! This is where you can really get social and talk to others. There are thousands of teams you can join. They can be based on interests, country or region, goods, or just for promotion. I’d highly recommend you find a team or two that you visit and partake in regularly. You can ask others questions, pick their brains for ideas, or help with situations and just meets some awesome people.

One team I’d recommend you join is the Pinback Button Lovers of Etsy, a team for buyers and sellers of all sorts of buttons. You’ll find everyone there very helpful and friendly. Hope to see you there :)
- Bayleaf Buttons

Making Custom Buttons At Fairs

A couple days ago, we received a nice message from Eileen at the Central Florida Parent Center. Her organization has been making buttons for a couple years. They recently purchased a second machine to keep up with demand. Here is her story.


This is our second button machine from and yes, it works great!  We used them both over the weekend at two different events, both related to children with disabilities.  We made (free) buttons for the kids with their names on them, and the kids (and parents too!) thought it was like magic how that machine could turn their names into buttons!

Several people asked, “Where would I get a machine like that?” and I said “!”

Excellent product!

Nathaniel’s Hope Make ‘m Smile

This was at the Nathaniel’s Hope Make ‘m Smile event in Orlando, FL. There were over 25,000 people there and we made about 450 individualized buttons for children with disabilities and their families in about four hours!

This is the sign that was on the table and a few samples for buttons.

Button Sign

This was what the crowd around that table was like, most of the day!

Crowd Making Buttons

We also had a booth at the Family Café Conference in Orlando and had a second button-maker there.

Customer Showcase:

Our fabric covered buttons can be used in a variety of ways.

Lynn in Columbia, South Carolina makes retractable badges for medical staff.

You can visit her creations at her Facebook page or at her website,

Lynn is using our Size 60 fabric covered buttons.

fabric-button-retractable-badges-1 fabric-button-retractable-badges-2 fabric-button-retractable-badges-3

How To Cut Buttons Faster With the Rotary Circle Cutter

A couple weeks ago, Jack sent us a review of the button maker after having it only a week. Today, he sent us some feedback on how he speeds up the process of cutting out graphics with the Rotary Circle Cutter.

When I make a quantity of 2.25” buttons, I use a different Cutting Mat for the Circle Cutter, (different from the one we showed on your blog).

Cutting Circles Fast with Rotary Circle Cutter

I have an 11” by 17” cutting mat purchased from the craft store for less than $8. I can cut an entire sheet of button artwork without moving the sheet around.

Also, it is easy to cut three sheets at once. If nine images are on each sheet, then I can cut 27 images without moving the sheet on the mat. This is a dramatic speedup processing the button-ready artwork.

Eventually, the mat will become scored. I have produced hundreds of button artwork using this mat and it is still in good condition. I consider it low cost and eventually expendable.

Jack Fisher
Roswell, New Mexico

Jack Fisher

Customer Showcase: Jitt Wolf Productions

John "Jane" Harris

We use the sales from the buttons to put toward equipment and helping artists around the world. Similar to paid internships, we help everyone get experience in the industry. Our studio primarily does animation and we do comics and live action as … [Continue reading]