Custom Patterns for Fabric Buttons

Custom Fabric Button Patterns

If you love making fabric buttons, you probably know all the best places to look for fabrics. It's easy to order online from the comfort of your home, and you can always make a quick trip to your local fabric shop for last-minute supplies. A … [Continue reading]

Button Making For Charities & Foundations


Is your charity marketing campaign not working? Going door to door isn't effective anymore or perhaps your cause isn't getting enough awareness despite social media... I've got the answer, Pinback Buttons!   Foundations and charities … [Continue reading]

How Many 2.25″ Buttons Would It Take…

File this under "in case you ever asked at a cocktail party". How many 2.25" buttons would it take to circumnavigate the earth? Over 700 million To be exact... 701,212,160 … [Continue reading]

5 Reasons Why a Button Maker is a Great Gift

Coming up with the perfect holiday gift for each person on your list can be a challenge, but one excellent gift to give this year is a button maker. Although you might have never thought about purchasing a button maker as a gift for any of your loved … [Continue reading]

Packaging Inspiration for Fabric Button Earrings

Lovable Llama

¬†Fabric button earrings are some of the most popular items made using our fabric covered buttons. If you plan on selling these types of earrings at flea markets, street fairs, or even Etsy, you should consider professional looking … [Continue reading]

New Product: Fabric Button Machine

Fabric Button Machine Cutter

Making hundreds of self-cover fabric buttons by hand can be pretty daunting. Cutting out the fabric circles is time consuming and if you want to make fabric buttons with heavy fabric, that can be very difficult. Today, we solve those problems. … [Continue reading]