Anoki Casey – No Good Designs, LLC

For us, 2004 was a tough year: we were dissolving relationships with sloppy printers and unorganized vendors left, right, and center. But in January 2005 —just before we lost all hope— a respectable, honest, up-to-date-mindset driven vendor shows up:

From prompt response and shipment to high-quality equipment, Button Biz has really set a great tone for our new business year. The button maker and circle cutter are so damn easy to use we have made an enormous amount of pins already and aren’t soon to stop!

You really don’t realize until it’s in your hands all that you are actually getting for your investment. When all the math is done, there really is no reason for a start-up or small business to not get the kits from both Button Biz and Silk Screen Biz. Really.

Anoki Casey
No Good Designs, LLC