What a great idea!

This post was written by Jill Atcheson of Style Snaps.

Style Snaps

What a great idea!

That’s often the response I hear the first time someone sees a StyleSnap for the first time. It’s fun to hear because the product was just born out of literally just that – ‘a great idea’. I started experimenting with fun ways to personalize my own scarf selection. With infinity scarfs and light weight scarves cropping up on nearly everyone during nearly every season, I wanted to find a way to add a little bling and customization. I figured something the size of a button, that wasn’t too big or too small, could add enough texture and contrast to stand out on a scarf without overpowering it. Then I discovered that fabric wrapped buttons would bring this idea to life allowing me to use different prints and colors to compliment my collection.

Button Biz was a great place to start experimenting with the pieces I needed. I started out by ordering a fabric button sample kit so I could learn which button types and sizes fit my needs. That helped me land on the perfect pieces I needed for the long run. The next part was figuring out logistics behind the button parts and the two magnet pieces that I needed to hold the front and back of my StyleSnap together. Through some experimentation, I found the perfect magnets that nuzzle in nicely to my Button Biz pieces. A few more modifications and an artist touch and a StyleSnap was born!

I started selling StyleSnaps through word of mouth and have literally sold them off of my scarves and jackets to people admiring them while I’m out. With some encouraging feedback, I started to explore retail outlets that might want to carry my product. StyleSnaps are now featured in several stores in my backyard here in Maryland and have been selling out nonstop! I also launched a website where customers can buy StyleSnaps online. I try to feature my best sellers and my inventory is usually one of a kind.

StyleSnaps have also continued to evolve from their original fabric wrapped buttons to now include flower embellished Snaps and even a new collection of metal Snaps. Ideas on how to use the StyleSnaps also continue to grow. Customers always come up with the best ideas and their feedback is helpful in allowing me to explore additional ideas and product lines. StyleSnaps can be worn with not only scarves but hats, blouses, pockets, coat labels, purses and even headbands!

Deca WrapRecently I started partnering with another local artist who makes Deca Wraps – these beautiful, handcrafted silk wraps that provide a splash of color in a feel-good design and feature “10 Ways to Wear It”. The Style Snaps are a perfect complimentary piece to the Deca Wraps that become both functional and fun to wear. We’ve started to showcase the products together and have gotten wonderful feedback.

It’s been a fun journey exploring just how to evolve a great idea into a small business adventure. I’m thankful I found the perfect combination of pieces, people and products to make my bucket list dream come true.

Visit my website: www.style-snaps.com to browse my latest collection and watch videos on how to wear and use a Style Snap.

Fabric Buttons by Heim Binas

One our customers graciously sent some examples of fabric buttons she has created. Below are a few of the buttons she has created. You can view more of her creations at Pinterest.


Turtle Fabric Button Kawaii Maneki-Neko Buttons Tsuru / Cranes Fabric Buttons

Button Collection!

Buttons are not just a novelty they are a physical representation of your cause, your brand and your social ideas!

Photos of Crysta's button collectionIf you’ve ever questioned whether or not buttons or a button maker would be a good investment, people will keep the pins long after an event and remember your cause or brand–we’ve got the answer. They will! We had the pleasure of borrowing Crysta’s button collection (our 1” Button Guru here at BB!). These are from Canada mostly and we decided to highlighted a few interesting ones…

Collection of buttons, Elmer's Glue & South Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority Bottom Left: Elmer and I never forget button – Elmer the safety elephant mascot was an attempt to teach young children street and road safety. The character began in 1947, in Toronto. The illustration you see was done by Charles Thorson.
Next to the Elmer’s pin, we have the South Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority which started around 1951 in order to, well, conserve. Mostly water!

Vote Carly Button from SCI HighschoolSCI’s SAC BALLOT button – This one is from Crysta’s time at high school when her friend Carly was running for class president

Canada’s fitweek 1988 pinback button Canada’s fitweek 1988 button – As the button says, it was held on May 20th 1988 by Fitness Canada. 7.5 Million Canadians nationwide participated.

Let’s Talk Jerky & Federal Express Olympics buttonTop Right: Let’s Talk Jerky! button – We’re not sure of the origins of this one but we are sure that they wanted to talk to you all about jerky 🙂 Mmmm…Bottom Right: Federal Express Olympics button – Always interesting to see a big brand’s progression from one name to another. This was for the 1988 Olympics before Federal Express rebranded to FedEx!
Top middle: Anyone else remember KMart?

Red Rocket Button & OthersTop Left: Ride the Red Rocket Toronto button – Did you know Toronto, Canada has a huge streetcar network? It started way back in the 1860s with horse drawn carriages and quickly grew to electric powered streetcars. This button makes memory of the beloved red rockets.

Buttons are like diamonds, with proper care they can last forever. Keeping your cause, brand or social idea in mind-decades later!!

  • Keeping them from getting rusty by avoiding unnecessary moisture
  • Keep out of direct sunlight to avoid your colours bleaching
  • For the button maker, start with good quality materials like ButtonBiz parts, acid free paper and high quality inks
    All these will help with the longevity of your pins!

So do you have a button collection, what is your favourite? Share in the comments below!! 🙂
– Megan // Bayleaf Buttons

Button Making At Your School – Ideas and Tips!


The new school year is full swing! You’ve never had a better excuse to add a button maker to your school. Button makers are affordable; they last a lifetime, and will be the buzz in the student activities office. With buttons you can fundraise for your school or class trips, promote your schools sports teams, and raise school spirit!

Teacher looking at button making systems from Buttonbiz.com


Think about it!! Try some of these ideas:

  • Generate buzz within your school, have a design contest to get students involved. Once the winner has been chosen, make that button available for sale and fundraise for your school!
  • Offer custom buttons for parents whose children are doing exceptionally well on a team or in academics. Encourage parental pride!
  • Students attending off campus competitions can easily be recognized with your school’s logo on a large button.
  • Charge students a small fee for making custom buttons to promote their candidacy while running for student council.
  • Make a special line of buttons for the big football game, encourage school spirit, and give a lasting memento from the game for years to come.
  • Team up with your favourite local charity, sell buttons to fundraise for them and add your schools moto or mascot to the buttons. It’ll encourage charitable giving while showing the local community you care.
  • Buttons make a great keepsake for graduating students; they’ll look back on the pins fondly.
  • Give your honor roll students a reward; make a customized button just for them. They will know that are grades important and feel appreciated at the same time!
  • Having Staff or Parent volunteers wearing a button can make it easier for others to identify them!
    Picture of buttons reading Parent Liaison, ASK ME!

    Example of some ‘Ask Me’ Buttons, great to use for parent volunteers or teachers-Easily get conversations going with the help from buttons!

These are just a handful of ideas that you can use…your school’s creativity is the limit.
Button Biz has a great selection of button making systems to suit your school’s needs, check them out here!


Till next time!
– Megan // Bayleaf Buttons


Your product and service is OUTSTANDING!

Today, we received this kind note from Ron.

Your product and service is OUTSTANDING! I was surprised at how quickly my order arrived and was very impressed with the quality of the button parts you provided – not to mention the great price. The quality is much better than Badge-a-Minit’s own parts. You’ll be my source for parts from now on. GREAT JOB & THANK YOU!

Selling On Etsy-Getting involved in the Online Community

Now that you have your Etsy Store all setup from our last post and your 40 free listings, hopefully you’ve had a chance to add some items! Here are some ways you can utilize the tools that Etsy has to promote your stuff.

Etsy has a great sense of Community for an online selling market—no seriously, they are social beings who like to sell and buy things. With that, Etsy has some unique tools for promoting your items while socializing.

Left side is the follow button you can click on to follow others!

On the left side is the follow button you can click on to follow others!

Let’s get social! Etsy has followers system similar to twitter—you can follow users you like, or find the same things interesting. To add them to your followers list simply go to their main profile and click ‘follow’. By doing this you will see content they are adding to their favourites such as items and treasuries.
Why is this important? Think of it like a chain reaction. Someone favourites one of your items and everyone who is following them will see this. As a result, some others may also favourite the item, and by the chain reaction you can gain more ‘hearts,’ which increases visibility and popularity.



Meet your activity feed, you can see what others have fav'd and who is following you

Meet your activity feed, you can see what you and others have fav’d and who is following you

Another great way to promote your items on Etsy is a Treasury. Basically, a treasury is a collection of 16 items from Etsy sellers, which someone has curated into an appealing collection using a theme, colour or subject matter. The treasuries can then be viewed by other users who are browsing, and if you are lucky it will be ‘handpicked’ by an admin of Etsy to be featured on the home page! Buyers and Sellers alike can favourite or ‘heart’ the treasury just like they would with an item—as explained earlier, both users follows will see the heart in their activity feeds. Don’t forget to title your treasury with something interesting, add a description, and use up those keywords! On the main treasury page you will see what keywords are trending currently on Etsy, useful for your own treasury, or to inspire keyword ideas.

Image of the favourite button on Etsy

Click the heart to find your favourites!

Let’s talk more in depth about those favourites or ‘hearts’. Etsy has two favourite systems made up, one is the Shop Favourite. This allows a user to ‘heart’ your store and they will be shown as Admirer on your shop home page. Also they will be able to see in their activity feed when you post new items. Handy since they adore your shop! Next is the Favourite system, it is setup so that you can create a collection of items using whatever sorting method you like. It is similar to Treasuries but less restrictive; you can add as many items as you like and make it an ongoing process.
Why is this important? – The shop favourites are good for bragging rights and those people who just love your items; you definitely want them to be able to see when you post something new. The favourite collections aren’t critical to selling your goods, but it is fun to make collections and keep tabs on items you may want to purchase for yourself. As a side note, some people who follow users tend to like those who have interesting favourite collections!

Finally, the last thing I’d like to mention is the Teams on Etsy! This is where you can really get social and talk to others. There are thousands of teams you can join. They can be based on interests, country or region, goods, or just for promotion. I’d highly recommend you find a team or two that you visit and partake in regularly. You can ask others questions, pick their brains for ideas, or help with situations and just meets some awesome people.

One team I’d recommend you join is the Pinback Button Lovers of Etsy, a team for buyers and sellers of all sorts of buttons. You’ll find everyone there very helpful and friendly. Hope to see you there 🙂
– Bayleaf Buttons