Valentine’s Day Button Inspirations

February is almost here and with that comes the Valentine’s Day!
As a button maker you’ll want to have holiday and theme buttons in your store. Get inspired with these romantic buttons from various Etsy Shops.

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Hope  these have inspired you to create your own Valentine’s Day buttons 😀
Happy Button Making!
– Megan // Bayleaf Buttons

Button Making For Charities & Foundations

Is your charity marketing campaign not working? Going door to door isn’t effective anymore or perhaps

your cause isn’t getting enough awareness despite social media… I’ve got the answer, Pinback Buttons!


Foundations and charities should consider adding a button maker to their marketing arsenal–they’re like

mini billboards! Think about it! Having a well designed button you can get people’s attention, convey a

message or raise awareness about a cause, and if you like you can also raise funds with them.


Buttons are a low cost option to market your charity or foundation, and as a plus they are contagious.

People love buttons, in the 60s and 70s they were all the rage, and, well, they never really went out of

a style…a new generation is discovering buttons. Use this as a tool to raise awareness for your cause or

raise some funds for your charity!


If your foundation is more about raising awareness for a cause than raising funds consider a 1 inch

buttons. The 1 inch buttons are small, affordable and cute. You won’t feel like you are spending a lot

of money to give out some free swag–and who doesn’t love free stuff! Using the 1 inch buttons you

can use a word or striking image to convey your message. Not to mention charities can also use the 1

inch pins! But if you are going to be using buttons as a fundraising option consider the larger sizes like

1.25”or 2.25”inch. By having the larger sized buttons you can design a more detailed and eye catching

image and then sell them to raise funds for your charity. And don’t forget the tagline, on the templates

you can actually put a small amount of text on the rim of your button-this is where your website or

phone number could be.


For a low start up cost, you’ll have a button maker with a lifetime warranty, and you can use

them for any kind of event or as perks for regular donators. If your charity involves kids consider having

a make your own button station. Kids will be able to draw their own button and you can make it right in

front of them!


Get inspired by these cause/charity buttons:


No Nukes


Be an Organ Donor


HIV / Aids Button

Tutorial: DIY Fabric Covered Earrings

Alana over at Sunshine and Bones posted a tutorial on how to make fabric covered earrings.

Fabric Covered Earrings - Tutorial

She purchased her buttons at Joann Fabric. Joann is great resource if you only need to make a couple buttons.

If you need to make more than just a few fabric buttons, then consider ordering from us.

We don’t sell accessories for our fabric buttons so if you are looking for earring findings, check out the resources below.

Fire Mountain Gems – Earring Findings

Artbeads – Earring Findings


Do you have a company where you order your earring posts from? Let us know.

Dave’s Buttons

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Make Money With Campaign Buttons

Sick of political TV ads? Try a presidential campaign button – Des Moines Register

The Des Moines Register wrote a brief article about a retired man selling campaign buttons in Iowa leading up to the Iowa caucus.  After Iowa, the man planned to head to New Hampshire.

He was selling buttons for $5 each or three for $10.  Button Biz is located in Nebraska, but you can see Iowa from our office.  Although I didn’t make it to any Iowa caucus rallies this year, I have been to them in the past.  Four years ago, I happened to be in Denver  at the same time as the Democratic National Convention.

It was amazing to see how many button vendors were in Denver.  The $5 price is very common for people selling buttons.  And I’ve also noticed most vendors sell buttons that are 2.25″ or larger.  The 3″ and 3.5″ seem to be very popular as well.  The reason there were so many vendors was because people were buying a lot of buttons.  It was very common to see people walking around Denver with 5 or more buttons on there shirt.

Buttons that sell for $5 are extremely profitable.  If you take a look at the price per button, these vendors could potentially make $4.75 profit on a $5 button.

It may be a little too late to profit from this year’s Republican presidential primary, but there’s always the general election and the conventions.