Fabric Button Tufted Headboard


We received an email from a customer that has finished a custom upholstered headboard using our Size 45 Fabric Buttons – Loop Back. Her project was a tufted headboard completed with fabric buttons from Button Biz. She says:

My project turned out great. I did a tufted headboard. Here are some photos for you.

The only tip I have is that I used a heavier upholstery grade fabric. So, when I went to make the buttons I found that I needed to use a rubber mallet to ensure they were secure.  This was especially important because I knew the tufting process would put stress on the finished buttons.  I found that it was easiest to set up the button, put the plastic button making tool on top, hold it in place with a flat putty knife and then tap it with the rubber mallet until secure.  It must be a rubber mallet, because a regular hammer would bend the buttons.  There was a slight learning curve to this and I smashed one of the button making tools before I figured out what worked best. I am glad that I ordered two button making tools so I had a spare one on hand!.  I would definitely use these again for future projects.


tufted-headboard-1 tufted-headboard-2 tufted-headboard-3 tufted-headboard-4

What type of button machine do I have?

Will your parts fit in my machine? It’s one of the most common questions we are asked.

People assume button parts are universal. They’re not.

There are “standard” button parts that fit in several different types of machines, but there are no universal button parts that fit in every machine.

We sell two different types of buttons on our website – standard parts and Badge-A-Minit parts. The latter fit in Badge-A-Minit Button Machines.

Common Mistakes When Buying Button Parts

There are two common mistakes made when buying button parts. The first mistake is not knowing what type of machine you have, and the second mistake is not knowing the size.

In this post, we’ll address the first problem.

Identifying Your Button Machine

This can be extremely difficult if you have an old machine. Many machines don’t have any identifiable markings – no manufacturer name, no model number, no nothing.

We are creating an online resource guide to help people identify their button machine. It will be called the Button Parts Compatibility Guide. There are currently 10 different machines listed, but we are adding more soon. We want to make this the most comprehensive database of button machines on the internet.

Our goal is to have background information on each button machine, and if we don’t sell button parts for a specific machine, we will tell you where to get them.

Do you have a machine that’s not listed? Please fill out the form at the bottom of our Button Parts Compatibility Guide.

Different Types of Button Makers

Flat Metal Buttons

When we launched the website, we also added new products.

Over the next week, we’ll take a look at some of the new products we have added to the website.

Today, we will take a look at our new flat metal buttons. The parts are available in several different sizes. The parts include the shell, mylar, and flat metal back.

Flat metal buttons can be great for a variety of things. The flat metal back is slightly raised off of the back of the button. You can use glue and attach the button to almost anything.

You can also glue accessories onto the back of the button – bull dog clip, specialty magnets, and more. For smaller buttons, we’ve had some customers attach earring parts and turn the buttons into an earring.

Metal Button Parts


1″ Flat Metal Buttons

1.25″ Flat Metal Buttons

1.5″ Flat Metal Buttons

1.75″ Flat Metal Buttons

2″ Medallion Buttons

2.25″ Flat Metal Buttons