Valentine’s Day Button Inspirations

February is almost here and with that comes the Valentine’s Day!
As a button maker you’ll want to have holiday and theme buttons in your store. Get inspired with these romantic buttons from various Etsy Shops.

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Hope  these have inspired you to create your own Valentine’s Day buttons 😀
Happy Button Making!
– Megan // Bayleaf Buttons

Flat Metal Buttons

When we launched the website, we also added new products.

Over the next week, we’ll take a look at some of the new products we have added to the website.

Today, we will take a look at our new flat metal buttons. The parts are available in several different sizes. The parts include the shell, mylar, and flat metal back.

Flat metal buttons can be great for a variety of things. The flat metal back is slightly raised off of the back of the button. You can use glue and attach the button to almost anything.

You can also glue accessories onto the back of the button – bull dog clip, specialty magnets, and more. For smaller buttons, we’ve had some customers attach earring parts and turn the buttons into an earring.

Metal Button Parts


1″ Flat Metal Buttons

1.25″ Flat Metal Buttons

1.5″ Flat Metal Buttons

1.75″ Flat Metal Buttons

2″ Medallion Buttons

2.25″ Flat Metal Buttons

Dave’s Buttons

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Rare Button Sells for $15,100

Last month, a rare button sold for $15,100 on ebay.  The button is from the 1920 United States presidential election.  It features a picture of the Democratic nominee for President Governor James Cox of Ohio and the Vic Presidential candidate Franklin D Roosevelt.

The seller described the button as the “holy grail of political buttons”.  The auction had 18 bids.  The seller had little knowledge of the actual value of the button until it was listed.  The seller even threatened to cancel the auction if a higher bid wasn’t reached.  A few pictures of the button can be found below.

Cox and Roosevelt Political Button

Cox and Roosevelt Button - 2

Michael Jackson Buttons

With the sudden death of Michael Jackson, you can be sure there will be a variety of memorabilia you can buy to commemorate his life.

And some people are making Michael Jackson buttons.  Over at Zazzle, there are over 400 Michael Jackson buttons available.

Susan Leak over at looks at what Michael Jackson collectibles make sense to buy right now.  She suggests “unusual articles such as…

dolls, the toys, the pinback buttons,unused ticket stubs and the like

There are even some buttons over at Etsy.

From CreativeClam
Michael Jackson Button

From lisalisa2158


Harvey Milk Political Buttons

Harvey Milk was the first openly gay elected official in U.S. history.

Sean Penn portrays Harvey Milk in the Oscar nominated film Milk.

A political junkie and button collector sent a note to Ken Rudin of NPR bragging about his Harvey Milk campaign buttons.  Well, Ken Rudin is a political junkie and collector himself and posts pictures of his Harvey Milk campaign buttons.

Head on over over to NPR to see some Harvey Milk political buttons.