Fabric Buttons by Sarah

Sarah, one of our customers, shared her recent fabric creations. I’ve posted a few photos below, but follow her on Instgram for even more inspiration. You can also purchase by emailing her. Her email address is in her Instagram profile.

fabric-buttons-sarah-2 fabric-buttons-sarah-1


Happy Customer Making Extra Money Selling Buttons

I purchase the button machine to make some extra money on my free time and I really love it. I like  to make stuff with my hands and the idea of making buttons was something that I like, so after making a search on google I found your web site and your machine looks great and also the price. So I purchase the machine it’s been great I have been making pins for baby showers  school projects and planing to make some themed pins for a local pharmacy.

Thank you!







Fabric Buttons by Heim Binas

One our customers graciously sent some examples of fabric buttons she has created. Below are a few of the buttons she has created. You can view more of her creations at Pinterest.


Turtle Fabric Button Kawaii Maneki-Neko Buttons Tsuru / Cranes Fabric Buttons

Customer Showcase: ReelCuteBadges.com

Our fabric covered buttons can be used in a variety of ways.

Lynn in Columbia, South Carolina makes retractable badges for medical staff.

You can visit her creations at her Facebook page or at her website, ReelCuteBadges.com.

Lynn is using our Size 60 fabric covered buttons.

fabric-button-retractable-badges-1 fabric-button-retractable-badges-2 fabric-button-retractable-badges-3

Customer Showcase: Jitt Wolf Productions

Jitt Wolf Productions

We use the sales from the buttons to put toward equipment and helping artists around the world.
Similar to paid internships, we help everyone get experience in the industry. Our studio primarily does animation and we do comics and live action as well.
The button makers from Button Biz are true industrial quality and we often bring from dozens to a few hundred to events. I highly recommend them for any level of artist who wants to make a wonderful lasting impression.
John” Jane” Harris
Founder and Lead Animator of Jitt Wolf Productions.
Web Manager of Freeks & Geaks
John "Jane" Harris

Comic Con Buttons by SquidFriends

One of our customers sent us some pics from Comic Con.

I’m sending two pics, one of me at my booth with all of my merchandise – you can see the button maker in front of me (I could hardly crank them out fast enough!). The second is of my button inventory. My business name is Squid Friends, you can find us at squidfriends.etsy.com. I primarily do plush sea creatures, but for Comic Cons, I do fan art, and the buttons are a great way to take my fan art and offer a low price item to customers. The buttons are all printed from original gouache paintings I’ve done over the years.

Kristin A. Hogan

Comic Con Buttons

Dallas Comic Con Button Making