Barack Obama / Larry Craig Button Snafu

A button maker in Idaho mistakenly put a picture of Barack Obama and Larry Craig on the same button.  You may remember Larry Craig as the Republican U.S. Senator from Idaho who was arrested in airport bathroom for lewd conduct.

Tigereye Design accidently put Craig in the picture instead of Larry LaRocco, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Idaho.  Craig is not seeking re-election.

Change Obama can’t believe in; he’s on a ticket with Larry Craig – LA Times

Obama Buttons Outsell McCain Buttons

Obama trounces McCain … in sales of T-shirts, badges, caps – Breitbart

The article above takes a look at merchandise sales for Barack Obama and John McCain.  Obama merchandise is much more popular than McCain merchandise.  Last week at a popular website, McCain barely beat out Hillary Clinton in merchandise sales.

If you make political buttons, you’re probably already aware of the popularity of Obama buttons.  It’s interesting to see a news article written about the discrepancy.

What Should Obama Wear?

Early in the presidential race, Barak Obama caught some heat for not wearing an American flag lapel pin on his suit.

Over at The New York Times, Steven Heller asks a few designers what Barak Obama should wear on his suit instead of an American flag pin.  There are some interesting suggestions – such as an Abraham Lincoln lapel, lots of lapels, and more.

The buttons below were submitted by illustrator Oliver Munday.

Lumberjack Days Button Revealed

Story via

Lumberjack Days is an annual event held in Stillwater, Minnesota.  This year the event is July 23-27.

There is a treasure hunt with a $1,000 prize.  But, in order to win the prize, you must be wearing a button.  The $3 button was designed by Ben Alpert, a student at the University of Minnesota.

Buttons on the cover of Wired Magazine

The July issue of Wired Magazine has a few buttons on the cover.

The buttons say “I’m a Red-Hot Republican,” “Kiss Me I’m a Democrat”, and “Watch Out Vote”.