Teaching The Hunger Games with Buttons

Hunger Games Lessons with ButtonsTeachersPayTeachers is a marketplace with over 700,000 free and paid teaching resources. One of those resources uses buttons to teach a popular novel.

The Hunger Games has taken America by storm, and many elementary school teachers have their students read the novel. This kit, developed by teacher Tracee Orman, contains a variety of activities related to the novel for students to complete. It can be used to review the novel in a fun, creative way. Included are badges and buttons which mimic those worn by characters in the novel. They can be used to reenact scenes from the novel or as reward tokens for students. Also included are worksheets and blank templates, so students can make their own buttons and badges.

The badges and buttons are pre-made and can simply be printed and cut. However, a button maker would be a great tool to incorporate into making these! A button maker would ensure a more exact final product and cut down on time. Plus, students could learn how to operate an interesting new tool. You are able to use a button maker of any size with the templates. Buttons and badges are not the only uses for this kit. The templates can be cut and affixed onto magnets to put up in the classroom or can be printed on label paper to create stickers.

If you’re looking for a way to engage students and get them excited about reading, Tracee Orman’s Hunger Games Badges and Buttons Activity and Templates Kit seems like an excellent choice. Not only a great supplement to the novel, this kit is a fun way to introduce students to the art of making buttons and using a button maker.

New Contributor – Megan with Bayleaf Buttons

Megan - Bayleaf ButtonsBeen thinking about buying a button maker or you already have one and are looking to expand? I’m here to help! My name is Megan, I run Bayleaf Buttons .

I started my button making business back in 2011 and since then I’ve had great success. Button Biz has asked me to share my knowledge with you—so you too can be successful!

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Button Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Several months ago, I posted a free photoshop file that will turn almost any photo into a button.

A tutorial posted at PSTUTS will give you step-by-step guide on how to create a button effect from scratch.  The picture below shows the end result.

Photoshop Button Maker – PSDTUTS

Button Maker Photoshop Effect

Pocket Mirrors

Button makers aren’t just limited to making conventional buttons.  By conventional, I mean buttons with a pin in the back.  Some button makers can make pocket mirrors.

We’ve created a video that shows you how to make a pocket mirror with a button machine from Button Biz

If you don’t have a button machine but you are interested in buying a pocket mirror or two, check out some of the sites below.

Pocket Mirrors – PinkLovesBrown.com

Monogrammed Button Compact Mirror – BayVillageStore.com

Miss Bella’s Room – Etsy

Flirt Buttons – Etsy

50 Custom 2 1/4 inch Pocket Mirrors – Etsy

Button Packaging

If you sell buttons in a retail store (or are thinking about it), you’ll probably need packaging for your buttons.

A company called Pure Buttons offers custom button packaging.  The company offers five different types of packaging.  They’ve been doing packaging for over three years.

Very Cool Button Display Case on Etsy

A seller over at Etsy has some very nice looking display cases for buttons.  They are probably the nicest display cases I’ve ever seen for buttons.  If you have a lot of buttons, this would be a great way to show them off.  If you are looking for some ideas on how to use this case in your home, scroll down to the bottom of this post.  The seller is named “buttoncollective” and they also have their own website.

The case below holds ten 1″ buttons.  You can hang the board vertically or horizontally.  It can be yours for only $45.

You can also buy a square case in multiple colors.  The case below is $35.  The company also has a case that holds one hundred buttons for $100.

Ideas on how to used this case in your home:

It would really help if you have your own button maker for the ideas below.

Idea 1: Since today is the 4th of July, you could show your patriotism by purchasing three of the long cases.  Hang the cases next to each other and fill each case with a solid color button (red, white, and blue).

Idea 2: Hang a case in your bathroom. Fill the case with illustrations of bathroom products (toilet paper, toothbrush, cue-tip, etc.).  If you are artsy, you can create the graphics yourself, or you can buy some art over at istockphoto.

Idea 3: Display today’s date with a button case.  Get rid of that lame thing on your desktop that makes you tear off a sheet of paper to display today’s date.  Just get some buttons that have numbers on them.  On the case, just put 07 04 08 and you have today’s date.  Plus, you’ve just saved the environment by eliminating that wasted paper.  If you don’t have a button machine, you can get custom number and letter buttons from Pinsetter.

Do you have an idea?  Just post it in the comments section.