Packaging, Displays, and Dispensing

Six Cent Press, a Canadian button making company, offers several different products of interest to button makers.

The company offers custom packaging for 1″, 1.25″, 1.5″, 1.75″, and 2.25″ buttons.  Minimum order is 50 packages.  I’ve included a few pictures of the packaging below.

Button Packaging

Button Packaging

The company also offers a counter-top display for buttons.  A short description and a photo of the display is below.

Without taking up too much counter space, this simple mini revolving counter top display unit is ideal for your button sets. Each unit contains: 24 holes across and 20 rows down. Each rack includes 8 – 4 inch hooks. Available in black only.

Button Countertop Display

Finally, the company also offers vending machines.  The machines start at $275.

Button Vending Machine

Retail Button Box Display

The folks over at Badge Bomb and One Inch Round have just released a cool retail box that features their Gama Go buttons. You can find the buttons at a variety of retail locations.

Button Box

Button Packaging from offers a variety of button packaging for button sellers. The company currently offers three different packages.

Here is a list of some of the benefits of the packaging:

  • Button Packs are USA Made with domestic materials and RPET plastic
  • NO tooling costs when you use our pre existing molds!
  • CMYK front / Black back card printing for button packs
  • Fold over button sets have Full Color header cards on both sides
  • Custom die cutting & button packaging configurations available

One Inch Packaging

1.25″ Button Packaging

Fold Over Button Packaging


Button Packaging – Part 1

Every now and then I will post pictures of button packaging.  If you have packaging you think should be featured, please let us know.

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