Comic Con Buttons by SquidFriends

One of our customers sent us some pics from Comic Con.

I’m sending two pics, one of me at my booth with all of my merchandise – you can see the button maker in front of me (I could hardly crank them out fast enough!). The second is of my button inventory. My business name is Squid Friends, you can find us at I primarily do plush sea creatures, but for Comic Cons, I do fan art, and the buttons are a great way to take my fan art and offer a low price item to customers. The buttons are all printed from original gouache paintings I’ve done over the years.

Kristin A. Hogan

Comic Con Buttons

Dallas Comic Con Button Making

‘I LOVE my button machine!!!’

I LOVE my button machine!!!  We’re a small non-profit that takes at-risk kids on horseback outings and each kid goes home with a button to remember the day.  I can’t believe how easy it is to make the buttons plus they look amazing!  Sooooo much better than the old version.  The reduction in our cost to make the each buttons will help us a bunch, too!  We’re now thinking on making buttons to have at Horse Expo in Pomona as a fundraiser and to help cover the cost of the machine!  I’ve gone button crazy!
Thanks so much!!
Sarah Williams

Testimonial From A Happy Customer

My employment class of students with special abilities were excited to get the 2.25″ Button Machine w/ the Graphic Punch! We immediately put it to use making over 100 memorial buttons for Trent..

Having had a button maker from another company, our success rate for making the buttons was 50-75%. Two students that are lower functioning were assigned to use the new machine. The first batch we made w/ Button Biz’s Button Machine had a success rate of 90%, and the quality and ease of machine usage was phenomenal! The second batch we made had a few more mistakes, because some of us were paying attention to too many other things….(yes, that was mainly my fault!)

I can’t wait to buy more materials and button machines from Button Biz!!! Thank you for your prompt service in sending the product after receiving our order and for a fabulous product!!!!!

Mary Ann – Vocational Adjustment Coordinator
BHS-Home of Gathering Grounds Coffee Crew

Learn How a College Organization Raised Thousands of Dollars & Increased Its Membership By Using Buttons

Just before the presidential election in 2004, the UNO College Democrats purchased two 1.75” button machines from Button Biz and our organization hasn’t been the same since.

In the past two years, our group has produced and sold over 5,000 political buttons on campus. We’ve come up with over 30 different button designs – mostly political. The buttons haven’t been popular with everyone, but we knew that would happen.

Every time we needed more buttons, we ordered 1,000 parts online and we got them a few days later. After making so many buttons, I was surprised that we’ve never had a single problem with the machine.

Thanks to Button Biz our group is in a much better financial position.  Since we ordered 1,000 1.75” button parts at a time, our cost for a button was only $.09.  We produced the graphics ourselves and printed them off on a full-color laser printer at Kinkos for $1.00 a page.  You can fit 15 graphics on one page so the cost per graphic was only $.07.  The grand total for each button we produced was $0.16, and we sold buttons on campus for $1.00.  That’s over a 500% markup. The buttons we’ve produced have sold like crazy, and when we first started selling buttons, it was the talk of the campus.

To produce the buttons, the group would have frequent “Button Making Parties.” I’ve included some pictures from two of our parties. These parties were a great opportunity for our members to socialize and be productive all at the same time.

Selling the buttons on campus also presented some unexpected consequences – we were able to recruit a lot of new members. Every couple weeks, we would reserve a table in the Student Union so we could sell buttons. A couple members would sit at the table, and they would just sit back and watch the buttons sell themselves. When people stopped and bought buttons, they would often ask about the College Democrats. We’d invite them to a meeting, and give them opportunity to learn more about the organization. I don’t know how many members we recruited this way – let’s just say it was a lot. I’ve attached a picture of three members selling buttons at a Democratic Party fundraising dinner.

Cody Farrens
UNO College Democrats


The Ruckus Society Making Buttons

The Button Biz button machine helped make our ten year anniversary fundraiser a success!  We gave away buttons as gifts to all the folks who came to the concert, and people loved our designs.  The machine was a great investment.  I know we’ll make buttons for future events and campaigns.

The Button Biz button machine helped make our ten year anniversary fundraiser a success!  We gave away buttons as gifts to all the folks who came to the concert, and people loved our designs.  The machine was a great investment.  I know we’ll make buttons for future events and campaigns.

Megan Swoboda
Operations Director

FeZ of Oswego, IL

Button Biz is great! I have been using their 1” button maker machine since November and it has helped me with my band (FeZ) tremendously. We have been giving our fans and friends buttons for free at all of our shows to promote us and remember us.

These machines are so easy to us they are fun! At band practice, we take time to sit at my kitchen table to cut, press, and clip buttons like an assembly line. We made over 100 in a day! Thanks for helping my band Button Biz!

Brian, Jeff, Brandon
FeZ of Oswego, IL

FeZ Buttons