Button Making At Your School – Ideas and Tips!


The new school year is full swing! You’ve never had a better excuse to add a button maker to your school. Button makers are affordable; they last a lifetime, and will be the buzz in the student activities office. With buttons you can fundraise for your school or class trips, promote your schools sports teams, and raise school spirit!

Teacher looking at button making systems from Buttonbiz.com


Think about it!! Try some of these ideas:

  • Generate buzz within your school, have a design contest to get students involved. Once the winner has been chosen, make that button available for sale and fundraise for your school!
  • Offer custom buttons for parents whose children are doing exceptionally well on a team or in academics. Encourage parental pride!
  • Students attending off campus competitions can easily be recognized with your school’s logo on a large button.
  • Charge students a small fee for making custom buttons to promote their candidacy while running for student council.
  • Make a special line of buttons for the big football game, encourage school spirit, and give a lasting memento from the game for years to come.
  • Team up with your favourite local charity, sell buttons to fundraise for them and add your schools moto or mascot to the buttons. It’ll encourage charitable giving while showing the local community you care.
  • Buttons make a great keepsake for graduating students; they’ll look back on the pins fondly.
  • Give your honor roll students a reward; make a customized button just for them. They will know that are grades important and feel appreciated at the same time!
  • Having Staff or Parent volunteers wearing a button can make it easier for others to identify them!
    Picture of buttons reading Parent Liaison, ASK ME!

    Example of some ‘Ask Me’ Buttons, great to use for parent volunteers or teachers-Easily get conversations going with the help from buttons!

These are just a handful of ideas that you can use…your school’s creativity is the limit.
Button Biz has a great selection of button making systems to suit your school’s needs, check them out here!


Till next time!
– Megan // Bayleaf Buttons


How to Determine the Value of a Political Button

It can be difficult to determine the value of a political button. The folks over at WorthPoint have done a story and video about political buttons. The video below is very interesting and features a wide variety of political buttons. There were thousands and thousands of Obama and McCain buttons made for the 2008 Presidential Campaign. It will probably be years before most of these buttons will be worth more than a few dollars.

Here are a few points to consider when determining the value of a political button:

  1. How rare is the button.
  2. Was the button available to the general public or was it just available to a select group of people?
  3. Buttons from the early years of a politicians career are much more valuable than the later years. For example, buttons from President Barack Obama’s run for the State Senate in Illinois are currently more valuable than most of his presidential campaign buttons.
  4. Buttons that are unusual are usually more valuable than conventional buttons.

What Makes a Political Button Valuable? – WorthPoint

Making Fabric Buttons Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to make fabric buttons with your button maker?  If so, mjhill over at Flickr has created a simple tutorial that shows you how to do that.

If you like this tutorial, then go support her through her etsy shop.

Fabric Buttons Tutorial:

When using fabric circles with a button machine, the fabric stretches and pulls and this is what happens. Not cool. I totally ruined half a dozen buttons before I figured out the trick.

Making Fabric Covered Buttons

See what happens when the fabric stretches?

Making Fabric Covered Buttons

Take a scrap of fabric and using one of the mylar circles, trace around the part you want to make a button.

Making Fabric Covered Buttons

See?  Next you’ll need a paper sticker. You can use blank labels (the big address kind you get at the office depot place), but I didn’t have any, so I used a customs form that Sullivan tore the the other half from.

Making Fabric Covered Buttons

Stick your sticker to the back of the fabric and cut it out.

Making Fabric Covered Buttons

See? All cut out!

Making Fabric Covered Buttons

Put the circle on your press (where you would put the paper and mylar) and punch like normal.

Making Fabric Covered Buttons

All done and it’s perfect! No pulling!!

Making Fabric Covered Buttons

See how adorable and wonderful?

Making Fabric Covered Buttons

Sit back and bask in your awesomeness!!!

Making Fabric Covered Buttons

Button Maker Porn

Well, it’s not quite porn, but this is now one of my favorite pictures with a button machine in it.

A man, a laptop, and a button machine.

Dramatic Photo of Button Machine

A photographer on Flickr has taken a rather dramatic photo of a button machine.

Who says a button maker can’t be art?

Inauguration Buttons

The inauguration in Washington, DC is less than 10 days away.  There will a lot of street vendors selling buttons, and some have already started.  I’ve compiled some pictures of Barack Obama inaugural buttons on Flickr.

Inaugural buttons hawked by DC street vendors

Inauguration Button

Inauguration Buttons

Older inauguration buttons…

Ronald Reagan

George W. Bush

John F. Kennedy

Online stores selling Obama inauguration buttons…


Democratic Stuff