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Ron Making Buttons 

The first machine that i bought has now already paid for itself and at this point it has become a pure profit and enjoyment. I even have been selling buttons on Ebay. Once again i can not recommend ButtonBiz enough, and be sure to check out some of our bands on Tour!Running a self owned record label with aroster of 10 bands, I am always looking for ways to keep production and advertising costs down. Button biz was one of the answers for me. I was spending upwards of $150 a month on buttons for all my bands, and having little control on variance of designs and quantity of designs. Now that I have my own button biz 1″ button maker I can make one of a kind buttons for each show a band plays, making true collector items at a desireable cost. I was nervous at first, I did not think that I needed one machine, Now I am plannig on buying more in different sizes.

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