How to Make a Fabric Button with Your Button Maker

Did you know you can make buttons & pocket mirrors that have fabric on them? It is a little bit of a process but the results will impress you!

First of all, make sure your fabric isn’t too thick otherwise it may jam your machine and be a nightmare to remove. Rule of thumb for me is if it won’t easily fit through my graphic punch it is too thick or not a good idea.

Here is the easiest method I have found to make fabric buttons that don’t fray!

You will need

  • Fabric
  • Labels
  • Scissors
  • Graphic Punch (or can be cut by hand)

1) Take your fabric and apply a label onto the back of it. You can use any ‘thin’ kind of label, reuse old labels or stick a bunch of address labels on until you have covered the area of your fabric you will be cutting.

Apply Label to Back of Fabric

2) What the label does it makes the fabric a little sturdier, or more like paper so that it will lay flat and not bunch up in your cutter. Cut your fabric so it fits into the graphic punch, use sharp scissors if at all possible this will help the fabric from fraying any further.

Cutting Out Fabric with Graphic Punch

Cutting Out Fabric

If you aren’t using a graphic punch, use an already cut circle to draw your guide on the labels already on your fabric then cut out carefully. 

Cutting Out Fabric Circles By Hand

3) Load your button maker with the shell, your fabric, and pinback. Don’t use the mylar when making a fabric button, it will be too thick and also ruin the feel of the fabric

Making a Fabric Button with Tecre Button Maker


4) Press the fabric and shell, and then stop! Run your finger along the upper die that now has the shell and the fabric in it. Because there isn’t any mylar the press may not fully crimp the extra fabric underneath the pinback. So gently push the excess fabric up and flatten it out as best as possible.

 Press The Fabric and Shell

Push The Fabric Down

Here is a view of my button maker upside down so you can visually see I’m doing. This is the extra fabric that needs to be flattened out, once you make the button the pinback will hide the excess fabric.

5) Now you can finishing pressing your pinback button. When it is done you should double check the edges but they should be perfect! Fabric buttons are great, even better is fabric pocket mirrors! Make your pocket mirrors the same way as you always do, just omitting the mylar and you will have beautiful gifts!

Completed Fabric Button - Back Completed Fabric Button - Front