James Bailey Bennington, Vermont

Finished Buttons

I got my 1.25″ button maker in the mail and I absolutely love it.

The machine is great – strong, clean, and incredibly easy to use. The customer service was great, and the machine arrived only a few days after I ordered it. I liked the machine so much that I bought a 1″ machine only a month or two later.

I have already received an order for buttons, and I plan on establishing my own button making business to support my art and graphics. And spending the extra money for the graphic punch was definitely worth it – it saves so much of my time and energy. If you are ordering a button machine and cannot decide on the graphic punch or the circle cutter, or if you have any plans for a future business, then you should definitely spend the extra money and get the graphic punch.

I am so excited to start my business!
Thanks Button Biz!

James Bailey
Bennington, Vermont



Button Making

Button Making

Button Making