It’s not everyday that you get to deal with the best of vendors. Often times, the order is wrong, incomplete or late. Any of those mistakes mean trouble for MY customers, because when someone is buying campaign signs, they are short on time and money. That means that a hitch in supply chain means that I have to scramble to figure out how to fill a yard sign order.

But, the good folks at stand ready to make sure that we have everything we need to create buttons for our campaign yard signs clients.

There are a few things I like best about First, they never mess up an order. That’s a big deal. But almost as importantly, they have some great templates on their site. That’s important because when we make our buttons, we never have to guess about what it is that we’re doing – it’s all right there. Next, I love the 3D animation. Also, did you know that there’s an animated Button Size Comparison display? All you do is hover over the difference sizes, and you can see which size is the best for you.

Now, we have two button makers for our commercial screen printing business and you might be wondering why. Well, we believe in “wowing” the customers. So, sometimes, when time allows, we will throw in 50 or 100 FREE buttons with their order. No, the people ordering the political lawn signs don’t ask for them, we just surprise them with the buttons and a little note telling them we appreciate their businesses and hope they like the free buttons.

The good news is that if you decide to make buttons, you better buy them from They’re the best button machine company on the Internet, and they always take care of their customers the way they want to be taken care of. ButtonBiz is the place to buy your buttons!