Customer Showcase:


Our fabric covered buttons can be used in a variety of ways. Lynn in Columbia, South Carolina makes retractable badges for medical staff. You can visit her creations at her Facebook page or at her website, Lynn is using … [Continue reading]

How To Cut Buttons Faster With the Rotary Circle Cutter

Cutting Circles Fast with Rotary Circle Cutter

A couple weeks ago, Jack sent us a review of the button maker after having it only a week. Today, he sent us some feedback on how he speeds up the process of cutting out graphics with the Rotary Circle Cutter. When I make a quantity of 2.25” … [Continue reading]

Customer Showcase: Jitt Wolf Productions

John "Jane" Harris

We use the sales from the buttons to put toward equipment and helping artists around the world. Similar to paid internships, we help everyone get experience in the industry. Our studio primarily does animation and we do comics and live action as … [Continue reading]

Starting your own Button Making Business: With Etsy!

Naming your shop on Etsy

Starting your own button business has never been easier, with Etsy. Now that you have your button making machine, why not start selling your creations online?! You can easily create your own business! There are a few different online sites that will … [Continue reading]

Re-Upholstered Antique Armchairs

Reupholstered Antique Armchair - Tufted Buttons

We received a kind note and some photos from a customer. This customer purchased the Size 30 - Loop Back Buttons to use for a reupholstery project. I am very satisfied with the buttons I bought on your website. I will definitely continue shopping on … [Continue reading]

Customer Review After One Week with a Button Maker

Button Maker Review

We received some great feedback from a customer that has only been using a button maker for a week. Our customer's name is Jack Fisher and he is 80 years old. If you are 8 or 80, you can use a button maker. Here's some feedback from an 80 year … [Continue reading]