Sherri Sagan – Omega Industrial Supply, Inc.

I just wanted to take a moment to share with you our delight with the 2.25″
button maker. We purchased the machine to make buttons to hand out at trade shows. They were an inexpensive giveaway, and since we made them humorous, people were stopping by to get them. Goal accomplished!

I was so grateful the machine was easy to use because we had waited longer than we should have to place an order on the machine. Not only was the product delivered very quickly, but it was so fast and easy to use we were able to get all the buttons made in plenty of time. Because of the ease of use, no die cuts or parts to change and get confused, I was able to get help from others in the office, knowing the product would still turn out great. By the way, the circle cutter is awesome! It is a must have!

Thank you!

Sherri Sagan
Omega Industrial Supply, Inc.