What a great idea!

This post was written by Jill Atcheson of Style Snaps.

Style Snaps

What a great idea!

That’s often the response I hear the first time someone sees a StyleSnap for the first time. It’s fun to hear because the product was just born out of literally just that – ‘a great idea’. I started experimenting with fun ways to personalize my own scarf selection. With infinity scarfs and light weight scarves cropping up on nearly everyone during nearly every season, I wanted to find a way to add a little bling and customization. I figured something the size of a button, that wasn’t too big or too small, could add enough texture and contrast to stand out on a scarf without overpowering it. Then I discovered that fabric wrapped buttons would bring this idea to life allowing me to use different prints and colors to compliment my collection.

Button Biz was a great place to start experimenting with the pieces I needed. I started out by ordering a fabric button sample kit so I could learn which button types and sizes fit my needs. That helped me land on the perfect pieces I needed for the long run. The next part was figuring out logistics behind the button parts and the two magnet pieces that I needed to hold the front and back of my StyleSnap together. Through some experimentation, I found the perfect magnets that nuzzle in nicely to my Button Biz pieces. A few more modifications and an artist touch and a StyleSnap was born!

I started selling StyleSnaps through word of mouth and have literally sold them off of my scarves and jackets to people admiring them while I’m out. With some encouraging feedback, I started to explore retail outlets that might want to carry my product. StyleSnaps are now featured in several stores in my backyard here in Maryland and have been selling out nonstop! I also launched a website where customers can buy StyleSnaps online. I try to feature my best sellers and my inventory is usually one of a kind.

StyleSnaps have also continued to evolve from their original fabric wrapped buttons to now include flower embellished Snaps and even a new collection of metal Snaps. Ideas on how to use the StyleSnaps also continue to grow. Customers always come up with the best ideas and their feedback is helpful in allowing me to explore additional ideas and product lines. StyleSnaps can be worn with not only scarves but hats, blouses, pockets, coat labels, purses and even headbands!

Deca WrapRecently I started partnering with another local artist who makes Deca Wraps – these beautiful, handcrafted silk wraps that provide a splash of color in a feel-good design and feature “10 Ways to Wear It”. The Style Snaps are a perfect complimentary piece to the Deca Wraps that become both functional and fun to wear. We’ve started to showcase the products together and have gotten wonderful feedback.

It’s been a fun journey exploring just how to evolve a great idea into a small business adventure. I’m thankful I found the perfect combination of pieces, people and products to make my bucket list dream come true.

Visit my website: www.style-snaps.com to browse my latest collection and watch videos on how to wear and use a Style Snap.