Idea: Buttons as Price Tags

The Jeff Claassen Gallery in San Luis Obispo, California is using buttons in a unique way – as price tags.  Jeff has posted several pictures of how how he uses buttons as a price tag on his t-shirt.  You can see his button maker while making price tags, the price tag buttons on a shirt, and some buttons up close.

There are several benefits to using buttons as price tags.  Buttons are cheap (each price tag only costs about 10 to 20 cents).  Buttons are reusable – you can take the buttons off at checkout and reuse.  You can also color coordinate buttons based on the price.

Apparently this was inspired by MNKR Cloths.

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Obama Button Poster is offering a very unique Barack Obama button poster.

Barack Obama Button Poster

The poster is $25.  Here is a description of the poster…

Truly a unique piece. offered nearly 1000 buttons in support of Barack Obama in the historic 2008 election.  This stunning poster features over 400 of our best.  Each of these posters is hand numbered and limited to an edition of 5000.  At 38-1/2″ x 25″, this keepsake print is ideal for framed display in any Democrat’s home or office.

Pocket Mirrors

Button makers aren’t just limited to making conventional buttons.  By conventional, I mean buttons with a pin in the back.  Some button makers can make pocket mirrors.

We’ve created a video that shows you how to make a pocket mirror with a button machine from Button Biz

If you don’t have a button machine but you are interested in buying a pocket mirror or two, check out some of the sites below.

Pocket Mirrors –

Monogrammed Button Compact Mirror –

Miss Bella’s Room – Etsy

Flirt Buttons – Etsy

50 Custom 2 1/4 inch Pocket Mirrors – Etsy

5 Band Button Ideas

Buttons can be great source of revenue and a great marketing tool for bands.  It only costs about $300 to get a complete button maker system.  It’s not cheap, but it will pay for itself in no time.  Not only can you make buttons for your own band, you can also make them for other bands and other organizations.

Below are few ideas on how bands can use buttons to make a little money and generate a little buzz.

  1. Buttons can be used as a promotional tool.  Place your band logo on a button and it’s instantly a free advertisement.  Buttons are cheap to make so you can give them away or sell them for a big profit.
  2. Buy a t-shirt and get a button free.  Everyone loves free stuff.  Concert t-shirts can be a little expensive; give your fans a little incentive possible by offering them a couple free buttons with the purchase of a t-shirt.  You can also give a free button to anyone that purchases an album or spends $10 on other merchandise – the ideas are endless.
  3. Promote your upcoming album.  Put the name and release date of your next album on a button and make the staff at the concert venue wear it.
  4. Do you play a certain venue or geographic location often?  Instead of promoting your next album, promote your next gig by having the staff wear a button that shows when and where your next gig is.
  5. Is a member of your band artistic?  Create a limited edition set of buttons that was designed and signed by a member of your band.

The buttons below were created by Fez to promote their band.


More button making ideas for bands can be found below:

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If you’re not interested in making your own buttons, there are a few companies below that specialize in making buttons for bands.

Do you have an idea on how a rock band can use buttons?  Please post it in our comment section.

5th Annual Stereohype Button Badge Design Competition is holding its annual button design competition.

The entry deadline is February 16, 2009.  There are two separate categories – single badge design and set of three.

For some inspiration, you can see a see the winning entries from the past four competitions.

Buttons on Display at New York Museum

The Museum of the City of New York has an exhibit through election day that features political buttons and a variety of other political memorabilia.  Campaigning for President: New York and the American Election opened on June 24 and has buttons, oil lamps, a George Washington coat button, and more.

New York Museum Features Campaign Memorabilia in Exhibit Through Election Day – Fox News