Barack Obama’s Official Button Supplier

Buttons can be big business – just ask Tigereye Design.  The company is based in Greenville, Ohio and is the main supplier of buttons, yard signs, posters, t-shirts, etc. for Barack Obama’s campaign.  How much is that contract worth?  Over $6 million and counting.

There is a very intersting article in the Dayton Daily News that profiles this company.  For example…

Tigereye had 30 employees when it began the Obama contract in February 2007; now it has 175 workers and Hemminger expects to add 30 more.

The first time we covered this company on this blog was when they made a snafu making an Obama button with a Larry Craig picture on it.  But, when you are making that many buttons, your bound to make a few mistakes.

Barack Obama Button Templates

If you would like to use your button machine to make Barack Obama buttons, there are several websites that have templates and graphics ready to be printed out.

A website called Buttons4Obama has a lot of resources available.

Chris Cox over at Change the Thought has several different designs available for download.

Over at Mercer County for Obama, they have button templates available in 2.25″, 1.75″, and 1.25″.

If you have some templates for download, let us know.

Obama Buttons Outsell McCain Buttons

Obama trounces McCain … in sales of T-shirts, badges, caps – Breitbart

The article above takes a look at merchandise sales for Barack Obama and John McCain.  Obama merchandise is much more popular than McCain merchandise.  Last week at a popular website, McCain barely beat out Hillary Clinton in merchandise sales.

If you make political buttons, you’re probably already aware of the popularity of Obama buttons.  It’s interesting to see a news article written about the discrepancy.

Buttons on the cover of Wired Magazine

The July issue of Wired Magazine has a few buttons on the cover.

The buttons say “I’m a Red-Hot Republican,” “Kiss Me I’m a Democrat”, and “Watch Out Vote”.