Tips for Making Buttons Fast

Now you have your button maker and need to make a lot of buttons for a customer or event, use these tips and you’ll be making them lightning fast!


Cut out your button images first:

Having all your button images cut and ready to go will help you speed through the button making process. As you are cutting your images make sure to put them down in the same direction. This will eliminate you having to rotate or adjust the image when you put it on top of the shell.

Cut Your Buttons First


Keep everything within arm’s reach!

Setup your button press on a sturdy table and have a comfortable place to sit, and then get your supplies ready! Put a handful of shells on the left side of your button press, and the pinbacks on the right. This makes putting buttons together quickly as everything is close by.

How to Make Buttons Fast

I personally like to have a few image circles in my left hand, and have the mylar on top of them instead of taking them out of the bag or laying them on a table. Take the image circles from the back, then take the mylar from the top.


Find a position!

By that I mean find your preferred button making method. If you like to work horizontally with your button maker like so.

Find a Position


Or vertically like this- that’s great! Just remember your method and keep at it-soon you won’t really have to think about how the parts go in, you’ll do it automatically.


Don’t get distracted!

If you are in the middle of making a button and your phone rings, finish your button! If you get distracted enough and forget you have part of a button in your upper die, and go to make another one— you could inadvertently jam your machine and we don’t want that!


Maintenance Tip#1

Notice you button making not moving smoothly when you rotate the die table? You’ll need to use some silicon lubricant to get it moving just right!