Tom Brazelton – Theater Hopper

I write and draw an online comic about movies called Theater Hopper. As much as it is a hobby, it’s also a business that requires inexpensive but unique ways of generating interest. That’s where Button Biz’s 1” button maker came to the rescue. I can quickly an easily create a variety of buttons based around the characters of my comic and sell them from my site at a very low cost. Fans appreciate the small price tag. I appreciate the low overhead, ease of use and customization options.

What I like most about making the buttons myself is, if a design doesn’t sell, I can discontinue it and try a different one. Taking designs to third party vendors usually means having to buy a minimum amount of buttons. This way, I’m not stuck with product I can’t sell.

Another advantage to having my own button making machine is to create buttons for promotional purposes. If I’m attending a comic book convention and need something to hand out to potential readers, I can give them a custom button for free without worry of it eating into my profits. The good will generated by such a small gesture far outweighs the nominal out-of-pocket expense. After all, everyone loves a button!