William Feagins, Jr. – High Impact Designs

I’ve had a long-time interest in acquiring a button-making machine of some sort. I think I told my fiancée a few hundred times, “I want to get something so I can make buttons.” Every time we were out and saw either buttons on display or someone wearing a button I would regurgitate that phrase almost like an automatic reflex. Eventually a photographer friend of mine purchased a 2.25 “Bench Press Kit” from Badge-A-Minit which she loaned to me when she wasn’t utilizing it. After making a few buttons I started thinking to myself “there has to be something better.” My hand was hurting from the hard plastic handle so much that I had to take breaks after making so many buttons.

At the height of my frustration (and accompanied pain) it just so happened that I received an email from Button Biz with a special promotion for their 2.25 Button Making System. I immediately jumped at the opportunity and it was one of the better decisions I had made in quite a while. The Button Biz system was incredibly easy to use and the grip spared my hand the pain I previously equated to making buttons. With the ease-of-use and comfort I immediately doubled, or maybe tripled, my button making capacity. The buttons I created were bound together tighter and thus more professional looking as well. I haven’t looked back since, even though before I switched I just received an order of button parts for the other system. Those parts are still in the box to this day. I liked my new system so much I recommended it to a friend who purchased a button making system for his daughter. I use the Button Biz system to create buttons promoting my poetry book, my graphic design business, and I market the service to other businesses and individuals as well. Thanks to Button Biz I have realized a longtime goal and added to my repertoire of services.

William Feagins, Jr.
Pittsburgh, PA
High Impact Designs