Bands and Music Groups

What’s a no-brainer way for up-and-coming rock bands to market their unique sound, build their name and make even more money? Buttons. Totally! It’s that simple.

For less than 300 bucks–probably far less than half of what you make for one gig–you can buy your own button making system. Put those groupies, roadies and sound techs to work when they’re not otherwise engaged! Making buttons is great hang time for the whole group. Making buttons can also be auto-pilot busy work for your hands while you’re brainstorming new lyrics, your overall marketing strategy or your new look!

Here are some hot button ideas:

Idea #1: Turn scads of your adoring fans into walking billboards

This is a marketing no-brainer, giving you a very high return on a very small investment. The buzz word in today’s marketing world is branding, branding, branding. Brand your name right into everyone’s brain simply with your fans wearing a button!

Turn your adoring fans into walking billboards for the band. Your adoring fans can sport your button on their jackets, purses or bags, which functions as an advertisement directed squarely at your demographic. Their buttons will spark conversations with others in your target market who are as yet unfamiliar with your band. Buttons could display messages such as “I Love RockOn” or “RockOn is the hottest band on the planet!” Word of mouth spreads like wildfire, especially when it comes to hot bands! This will result in jam-packed gigs, more gigs, and more income for you!

Idea #2: Create an easy source of revenue

Just add buttons to your sales table of t-shirts, CDs and bumper stickers! You’ll recoup the cost of the button making system three times over with just a few gigs! Buttons are a hot-selling item because they’re inexpensive. You’ll rake in the bucks with a big profit on such a tiny investment. You can reap a profit of at least 100% on each button.

Each button costs just pennies to make with a button making system, yet you can charge 3 bucks a button! You can also boost CD sales by offering a free button with every CD purchase. And if you sell buttons on your web site, they’re lightweight and therefore enjoy very low shipping charges. It’s a no-brainer for your bottom line.

Although making music is what you do best, you must have business smarts to make it in the music world, too. Your manager will think you’re an entrepreneurial genius!

Idea #3: Intensify your general marketing strategy

Buttons can sport any combination of your photo, your name, your logo, and your tag line. For example, a button could be composed of your photo with your band name across the bottom. Or it could sport your name with a tag line: “Acid Jazz: “North Carolina’s hottest band” or “Rubber Band Band: Get Funked Up!” You can also sell these buttons on your web site, or include them as premiums when fans buy your CD’s online. It can be that simple, yet oh-so powerful.

Idea #4: Advertise a particular gig

Does your band have a big concert coming up? There are a variety of ways to promote it. You can use posters, word of mouth, email, etc.

You can also advertise a particular concert with buttons, for example: “RockOn. Woodstock 2007. Live it.“ or “Bay MusicFest Summer 07, featuring FunkADelics.” This will win you a little clout with particular venues’ marketing managers. Who knows–that clout could even boost you to the top of the lineup or bump you to the main stage! And your manager will think you’re a marketing genius, too!

Idea #5: Advertise a particular song

Buttons can work really great for boosting name recognition of your band if you have one of those songs that’s catching on like wildfire! Remember that Mitsubishi commercial from 2001, which featured the sizzling song “Start the Commotion?” Everybody loved that song, but nobody knew the band! (In case you haven’t discovered it already, it’s The Wiseguys from the 1999 release “The Antidote.”) Maybe you have a similarly irresistible song. In that case, your button could read “Bouncy by Boing: download it at”

Idea #6: Advertise a particular album

This is a hot strategy for marketing new releases; for example: “RockOn: Feel It. In stores March 2007.” This type of button could even be included as premium for new fan club members, along with a bumper sticker. You could also include one of these buttons as a premium with each CD sold online.