Button Ideas for Churches

Churches are always busy spreading the word, and buttons are a fun and inexpensive way to help with the task. A button making system under $300 easily fits into any congregation’s budget. Not only is the system inexpensive, but anyone can learn to operate it in minutes. Buttons not only spread the word, but they advertise special events and are an important fund-raising tool.

Just a few ways that buttons can help churches include:

Idea #1: Boost fundraising efforts

The task of fundraising is ever-present, and buttons can help you attract more members of the general public to your events. Congregation members can wear buttons for a specified period of time leading up to your event in their daily lives to promote it. This gets your event in front of hundreds of potential attendees in congregation members’ workplaces and their children’s sporting events. Buttons could read something akin to “Church of Mary the Divine Annual Bake Sale, December 10-12” or “St. Francis annual strawberry shortcake festival, June 9.”

Idea #2: Increase attendance at special events

You can ultimately boost your congregation numbers by attracting more members of the general public to your special events. Congregation members can wear buttons that sport your church name and messages such as “Faith rally 2007: Join us in praise!” or “Vacation bible school, June 26-30.”

Idea #3: Provide inexpensive premiums for mission donors.

Special missions require special fundraising efforts. Members of the public and your congregation can receive complimentary buttons when they make a donation to your special mission. Buttons can feature your church name with messages such as “I bought shoes for Romanian orphans!”

Idea #4: Promote your specialized campaign

Congregations work tirelessly on their continual missions. Your church can spread the word even more easily when congregation members wear buttons to publicize your important campaigns. A button could read, “Thou Shalt Not Kill. Christians opposed to war,“ “Save the planet! God made it,” or “Stop Racism: Red or yellow, black or white, they are precious in his sight.” Buttons can include your church name with a phone number or web site to encourage members of the general public to take action.

Idea #5: Advertise a new service

Maybe you’re appealing to the contemporary crowd by offering a new casual service on Sunday evenings, complete with blue jeans and light jazz. This might be attractive to a segment of your current congregation, not to mention potential new members. Buttons can be worn by clergy and congregation members in their daily lives.

Idea #6: Provide incentives for Sunday school students

Reward good behavior with fun buttons! Buttons can feature self-esteem building messages such as “I was caught being good at St. Francis Church.” Sunday school teachers can also initiate contests to see who can collect the most buttons during a given month, and award specific prizes to winners. Buttons can also be used in contests to see who can memorize the most Bible verses. Sunday school students can also make buttons as a project for the church.

Idea #7: Boost your general marketing

Congregation members can wear buttons in their daily lives that sport your church name along with fun messages, such as or “Work hard. Pray harder,” “Got faith?” or “Ask me why I love St. Francis Church!”

Idea #8: Enjoy an easy source of revenue

And of course, you can even sell buttons with your church name and an uplifting message to members of your congregation. They cost only pennies each to make, and you can sell each button for an attractive, low price of only $2 or $3.