Convenience Stores

Making buttons to advertise your convenience store and promote your rotating specials can lower your overhead and boost sales! Further, buttons are the lowest-investment, highest-return advertisement choice you can make. For less than $300, convenience stores can purchase button-making systems to make their own buttons.

Here are just a few ways your store can boost sales by making your own buttons:

Idea #1: Boost sales by promoting your specials

All your employees could wear a button on their uniform lapels that display your current special. For example: “32 ounce fountain sodas $1 this week only!” or “Foot longs: Buy one, get one free!” With the low cost of a button maker, this greatly reduces your overhead of special ordering buttons or banners each time you run a new special. Besides, many button producers require minimum runs of at least 100 buttons, though that may be far too many for your purposes. That’s like throwing your money in the trash can.

Idea #2: Boost sales by advertising your additional services

All your employees could wear a button that promotes your additional services. For example, the button could say “Ask me about a car wash!” This type of remarkably inexpensive advertising also comes in handy for new services, too. For example, a button could read, “Visit our new ice cream counter!”

Idea #3: Strengthen your overall marketing strategy

Branding is the buzz word in today’s marketing world. There are several convenience stores your potential customers can stop at. But by branding your name into their minds in today’s hustle-bustle world, you will win their business. Most importantly, you will win their repeat business. You want your customers to come to regard you as their morning stop on the way to work or their afternoon stop on the way home.

You can brand your convenience store name into customers’ minds simply with a button worn by all employees. The button can be as simple as your name or logo with a tag line such as “We make you smile!” or “We make your day easier!” You can also tailor buttons to market your special products, such as coffee. A button could sport a large cup of coffee with the tag line “It’s gonna be a great day!” and your logo.

These buttons can also function as premiums for customers; you can hand them out free to everyone who purchases a cup of coffee, free to all children, or simply provide them in a box at the counter labeled “Free button for all our valued customers!”

Idea #4: Lower your overhead

Buttons can even be used as name tags for all of your employees. This is far less expensive than ordering custom-made nametags from specialty companies. Button nametags are also a cost-effective option if higher employee turnover is commonplace for your form of business. And you can reap yet more marketing mileage if employee name buttons also feature your store’s name or logo.

Idea #5: Utilize employee down time efficiently

When business is slow, you can make the best use of employee time. So the cashier has already swept the floor three times? He or she will enjoy making buttons to advertise your next special! Not only are you getting the most mileage for your hourly overhead, but your employees will actually enjoy making buttons! They will enjoy working with their hands creatively. Making buttons is a side task that won’t make them groan.