Why does a sports team need a button maker?

For everyone who has ever had a child in team sports or school sponsored events you know a great deal of fundraising must be done. Schools and community groups are often under funded. Adult organizations also need funding to participate in their events. Investing in a button-making machine can help with fundraising needs for groups of any age.

Raising money is often challenging. There are hundreds of ideas for raising funds, but often these are costly to organize or there is product that can spoil or has to be delivered. Parents are busier now more than ever. Giving a player buttons to sell is easier and less constricting on parents than candy sales or bake sales. Buttons can be sold and delivered on the spot. Their small cost will inspire higher amounts of sales and instant transactions.

A specific idea for buttons to sell is the player’s picture or a team photograph can be placed on a button and sold to friends and family as keepsakes. If pictures are not available, the team logo with the player’s number and name, or even the player’s statistics can be used. Parents love inexpensive keepsakes and a button can show off their player’s achievements and the team spirit.

Pep rallies are often good opportunities to sell buttons. Players can also walk the crowd before the game, offering team spirit buttons for sale. Pre-game excitement can inspire sales among parents and others at the games. You can also promote a concession stand special – two hot dogs, two sodas, and a free “Go Tigers” button. This can help drive up concession sales therefore increasing the support that the team receives. This idea will work for both children players and adult leagues.

Buttons can also be used at event fundraisers such as dinners. Buttons that read “I support the Midland Tigers” or “I cheer for the Tigers” can be given to your contributors and donators. If you are having a team dinner for the supporters, or to get support, have the players wear buttons with their name and team number on it and act as the servers at the dinner. Parents will see that their children are supporting the team with their efforts and feel moved to contribute. Supporters of the team such as restaurants and community businesses can also receive buttons of this type to wear in their businesses or even to sell for the team.

Are you the coach or a supporter of the team? Wear a logo button on business calls or out shopping. This inspires people to ask about it and you are able then to tell them about the next game. Drumming up support for a team is not just about fundraising. Team players will feel the support of their community if you can attract people to the games. This also shows your team spirit and willingness to show it to others. Buttons are a perfect conversation starter and you can also recruit new players by wearing buttons out in town. The more people you see, the more people will see your button.

When the season grows to a close, the players can receive a button with their statistics and the year on it. An “MVP” button can be rotated from one game to the next for players who make the game winning touchdown or home run. A seasonal “MVP” button can include the player’s name, year and the team logo. Are you going to the playoffs or to a championship game? This is a great time to make buttons with the teams information on it and get out in the community to raise some support. People are inspired by achievement, so sending players out into the business community wearing a button with their seasonal contributions to the sport will often be an icebreaker and deal sealer.

Be it football, golf, baseball, soccer, swimming, or any other team event a button-making machine would come in handy. These ideas will transfer, no matter the sport or age group. What you put on the buttons is limited only by the imagination and the uses for buttons are endless. If you are an athletic director at a school or for a community you should have a button-making machine for the teams to use. Even if you are a coach of a local team, button-making machines will pay for themselves over and over. Raising money and gaining team support can be accomplished by investing in a button-making machine.