2.25″ Button Maker System

A 2.25″ Button Making System will include everything you need to make high-quality 2.25″ buttons. Each button making system includes a button maker, circle cutter (or graphic punch), and button supplies.

Completed Buttons

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Button Machine

  • 225-button-maker-1
  • 225-button-maker-2
  • 225-button-maker-3
  • 225-button-maker-4
  • 225-button-maker-5
  • Patented – exclusive design
  • Two-step button making process
  • Swivel die set; no changing of dies
  • Cushioned hand grip
  • Requires very little physical force to push the handle down
  • Compact, light weight machine for easy storage and transport
  • Every full-color 2.25″ button you produce will cost less than 11.5 cents

Circle Cutter

circle cutter

This durable circle cutter provides easy method to cut circular button graphics with speed and accuracy. Two interchangeable plastic centering templates are included. A cutting plate is also included and protects surfaces as the rotary cutter cuts the graphic. Click here for more info…

Button Supplies

2.25 buttons

These are the only parts you need to make a button!

Re-order 2.25″ pin-back button parts for as little as 6.4 cents per complete button!

You can make the following with a 2.25″ Button Machine:

Want to wear a button but don’t want the pin to ruin your favorite shirt or suit? Check out our magnets.

Learn how to make a button:

Each button system includes:

Ordering Information

Add $55 (Substitute a Graphic Punch for the Rotary Circle Cutter)