2.25″ Badge-A-Minit Button Supplies

2.25 badge-a-minit button parts

Please Note: These button parts are designed to fit into Badge-A-Minit button machines. These button parts these parts will not fit a Tecre or American Standard machine. They only fit Badge-A-Minit machines!

Parts Include: Mylar (clear plastic circle), pin-back, and shell.  If you order 500 buttons you get 500 mylar, 500 pin-backs, and 500 shells.


These parts will fit in the Badge-A-Minit …

Hand Press System
Bench Press System
Badge-A-Matic™ I
Badge-A-Matic™ Plus
Badge-A-Matic™ II
Xpress Kit

2.25″ Price Comparison

Quantity Button Biz Badge-A-Minit
500 $69.95 $129.95 Save $60!
1000 $119.95 $199.95 Save $80!
2000 $239.95 $366.95 Save $127!


Also check out the Magnet and Mirror parts for the Badge-A-Minit machine.

Want an easier way to cut the circle graphics for your Badge-A-Minit buttons? Take a look at our graphic punch.

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