Graphic Punch and Rotary Circle Cutter Differences

Graphic Punch

Graphic Punch

Rotary Circle Cutter

Rotary Circle Cutter

Each device cuts out the circular graphics used in making the buttons. The Rotary Circle Cutter is adjustable (you can cut out different sized circles). It is also cheaper than a Graphic Punch

So, what are the downsides of the Rotary Circle Cutter? Well, it takes more time to cut out circles with the Rotary Circle Cutter. You also have to worry about changing the blades on the cutter when it gets dull.

The Graphic Punch, on the other hand, can punch out many more circles in a shorter period of time. If you plan on making a lot of buttons, then the Graphic Punch will be a wise investment. It’s easy to line up your graphic, and then to cut out the circle all you do is pull down on the lever.

To view each machine in action, click on the links below:
Graphic Punch Video
Rotary Circle Cutter animation

Here are what some of our customers had to say after upgrading to the Graphic Punch:

I’m glad I paid extra for the Graphic Punch. I can’t imagine how I could have managed the job without it.

Mara Seaforest

At first I hesitated at buying the more expensive punch cutter verses the rotary cutter but am so glad I spent the extra money. Cutting out the button design is so quick and easy and virtually fool proof.