Graphic Punch

“cut circles the easy way”

Watch the graphic punch in action!

Why upgrade to the Graphic Punch?

  • Clear visual centering
  • Entire circumference punched at once
  • Requires very little physical force to operate.

Note: The Rotary Circle Cutter and the Graphic Punch do the same thing (they both cut out the circle graphics). So what is the big difference? The Graphic Punch is much faster and more efficient to use. If you need to make a lot of buttons, the Graphic Punch will save time and energy.

We’ve created a page that describes the differences between the Rotary Circle Cutter and the Graphic Punch.

How to Use a Graphic Punch

See what some of our customers are saying about the Graphic Punch:

And boy, am I glad I paid extra for the Graphic Punch. I can’t imagine how I could have managed the job without it.

Mara Seaforest

At first I hesitated at buying the more expensive punch cutter verses the rotary cutter but am so glad I spent the extra money. Cutting out the button design is so quick and easy and virtually fool proof.



Ordering Information

1″ $145
1.25″ $145
1.5″ $145
1.75″ $145
2″ $145
2.25″ $145
2.25″ Badge-A-Minit $145
3″ $165
3″ Badge-A-Minit $165
3.5″ $165