Button Samples

Are you confused about what size to get? Want to see what a button looks like in person?

For only $5, we will send you 8 different buttons so you can see and touch them in person and pick the right size.

What Do I Get?

You will get pin-back buttons in the 8 sizes below.

Sample Sizes

Why Aren’t the Samples Free?

A few reasons. Making and shipping the buttons cost money. It actually costs about $5. We don\’t make any profit on the sample pack. We also charge for the samples so we can keep our product prices low. If we sent out free samples, we would have to cover that cost somehow. That would result in higher prices for products. Charging $5 keeps our prices low.

Send Me Samples!

The form should only take 2 minutes to fill out. Once we receive your request, we will ship out the buttons.